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This just made my day! FOCOS sent me a small envelope with a hand written note, their booklet on accomplishments for 2013-2014, and chocolate coins with their emblem engraved on them for the holidays. This really is a fabulous organization because they care and give for all of the right reasons, and they give chocolate (mostly because they give chocolate, haha jk!).

Out of the Woods?


So, I had my x-rays today, but I left Children’s Radiology Center without results, so in essence, I’m still waiting, even though the act itself is over. As anyone can tell you, getting x-rays are pretty stressful. You are constantly wondering, “Are my curves worse?”, “Are my curves better”, “Did nothing happen? Are they the same degrees as last time?”, “Are we finally out of the woods?”, “Is surgery out of sight yet?”, “Is the brace still working correctly?”, “Are we done with the brace?” It’s a repeating record in your head of questions that this x-ray will answer or bring up.

Hopefully, this x-ray will be positive. I’ve been out of the brace 5 hours a day and went entirely without a brace 48 hours before the x-ray. At this point, I’m done growing and I’m weaning off of the brace, so it’s a make or break point.

Different people handle the anxiousness in different ways — music, prayer, friends, books, etc.
For instance today, a friend sent me the kindest and most thoughtful message saying that she was praying for me and for Jesus to heal me. It was instantly calming. And as I wait for the results to come back, I can continue to pray, listen to Taylor Swift for the 50,000th time (by the way did anyone notice the title?), work through school work, etc.
And I encourage you to find your equivalents next time you have an x-ray.



#ThrowbackThursday (on Tuesday, whoops!) to when I was able to go to a Combined Federal Campaign charity event in Savannah, GA, for the National Scoliosis Foundation. It was amazing to be able to talk to so many people about scoliosis and NSF. The crowd was so interactive and enthusiastic. One man even remarked that he had just acquired, “a small burst of knowledge about scoliosis.”



Pictures from the Second International Curvy Girls Convention



Meghan and Noel from FOCOS, and me.


Every Curvy Girl brought a care package to give to FOCOS, and a few other girls and I, who have worked with FOCOS before, were able to present the large amount the Curvy Girls brought to Convention to FOCOS. I am the girl with the mic.





Beth Janssen, the Guest of Honor and physical therapist from Scoliosis Rehab, and I. I have had the privilege to have seen her in WI for Schroth.


Mrs. Robin, Leah’s mother, and I.


Beth Janssen, the Guest of Honor, speaking to everyone.


The Curvy Girl sign and me!



Joe O’Brien, President of the National Scoliosis Foundation, and me.


Rachel, her mom, and me!


Leah, founder of the first Curvy Girls group in NY, Mrs. Robin, and me!

In all, it was a fabulous trip! I was able to see a lot of old friends, make new ones, meet amazingly knowledgeable professionals, and learn a lot more about scoliosis and ways to get involved with it.

Scoliosis Awareness Month Proclamation


In June, which is National Scoliosis Awareness Month, I spoke before my City Council of Cumming, GA, to receive the proclamation making every June Scoliosis Awareness Month in Cumming. I uploaded the video of my speech to youtube. The link is below! Make sure to check it out and share it with everyone!

P.S. Sorry this is a late post, but I have had a very busy June regarding TONS of scoliosis things! So make sure to look for lots of posts!

Bake Sale Half-Way Point


As some of you may or may not know, I have been having a bake sale for the past two Tuesdays at my school to raise money and awareness for FOCOS (Foundation of Orthopedics and Complex Spine). It has been going phenomenally! SO MANY people have been actively participating and donating extra money for FOCOS!

This past Tuesday (March 25) was the second of the four bake sales to be held. At this half-way point, my school and I have raised over $150!

I have also taken pictures and emailed them to FOCOS by their request. It was a great surprise to see that they compiled some of the photos I sent them and posted them to their Facebook page. Here is the link if you want to check out the post:

It has been so amazing these past two weeks to see my school come together for such a great cause!




I received a wonderful letter from FOCOS last week! Inside it stated that Dr. Boachie will be retiring in October 2014 to move to Africa to work full time at the FOCOS hospital in Ghana! How amazing is that?! He will also have a retirement gala in September, which I have been invited to!

We use the term “hero” so lightly in our society and apply it to (in my opinion) non-worthy people like entertainers in Hollywood, but I believe that Dr. Boachie fully encompasses the true meaning of the term. I’m so excited for such a fantastic opportunity to honor such a generous, compassionate, and charitable man. As I’ve stated before, FOCOS is such an amazing charity that I am proud to say I fundraise and raise awareness for!

Here is a picture of the letter:

P.S. Sorry for the awkward piece of paper on top, but it covers my address. Safety first!Image