Story from CDC


I was very fortunate to spend the past week at the CDC Disease Detective Camp with kids from all over the country to learn about all the aspects of the CDC and public health. While talking about vaccinations, global eradication of small pox, and the effort towards global eradication of polio, I heard a sad story.
There was a girl back in the 50’s that caught polio when she was three and was paralyzed in her torso, which meant she needed an iron lung to move her diaphragm and breathe. When she was older, they tried to fit her for the portable, smaller version, but they learned she had scoliosis. Because she had scoliosis, her body was contorted and she could not fit the symmetrical mold for the portable, smaller version of the machine, so she spent her entire life in an iron lung.
Even though it was a sad story, I thought it was a good example of why scoliosis research and treatment is very, very important!

Here is a picture of an iron lung:

Article on a Common Spinal Fusion Product


This article perfectly exemplifies why you should always do your homework on medical treatments to find your best option. Research on the patients part can pay off well when it comes to major decisions like spinal fusion.



FOCOS posted a small clip of the CNN episode on their website. Check it out!

I can’t begin to explain how much I care for this organization. The difference they make in the lives of their patients is unbelievable! Dr. Boachie’s passion for his medical work and helping others is amazing to see. It makes me feel so blessed by what I have and thankful for the treatment I have received that has decreased the severity of my scoliosis.

Care Packages for FOCOS


care packages 1 care packages 2

It’s that time again! The picture on the left was before and the one on the right was about five packages in. There ended up being 59 packages total! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, FOCOS is such an amazing charity, and I feel honored to be able to help them in any way!

(Also, my mom is amazing for donating her kitchen table for practically the whole day :) )

To See Kindness


I was recently purchasing more items for care packages for FOCOS. Filling a buggy with approximately 60 boxes of toothpaste can cause some strange looks. One lady, though, didn’t give a questioning look and keep passing. She stopped and said, “Wow! That’s a lot of toothpaste. You must be gathering for a shelter or something.” I told her it was for FOCOS and what FOCOS was. She was amazed, and gave me $10, saying to, “Buy $10 extra for the FOCOS kids for me.”

I have had a few people do this before when they see me buy crazy amounts of items, but it still takes me by surprise every time. Especially after Christmas, when everybody’s money is a bit tighter, it is amazing to see kindness like this.