FOCOS posted a small clip of the CNN episode on their website. Check it out!

I can’t begin to explain how much I care for this organization. The difference they make in the lives of their patients is unbelievable! Dr. Boachie’s passion for his medical work and helping others is amazing to see. It makes me feel so blessed by what I have and thankful for the treatment I have received that has decreased the severity of my scoliosis.

Care Packages for FOCOS


care packages 1 care packages 2

It’s that time again! The picture on the left was before and the one on the right was about five packages in. There ended up being 59 packages total! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, FOCOS is such an amazing charity, and I feel honored to be able to help them in any way!

(Also, my mom is amazing for donating her kitchen table for practically the whole day :) )

To See Kindness


I was recently purchasing more items for care packages for FOCOS. Filling a buggy with approximately 60 boxes of toothpaste can cause some strange looks. One lady, though, didn’t give a questioning look and keep passing. She stopped and said, “Wow! That’s a lot of toothpaste. You must be gathering for a shelter or something.” I told her it was for FOCOS and what FOCOS was. She was amazed, and gave me $10, saying to, “Buy $10 extra for the FOCOS kids for me.”

I have had a few people do this before when they see me buy crazy amounts of items, but it still takes me by surprise every time. Especially after Christmas, when everybody’s money is a bit tighter, it is amazing to see kindness like this.

Confirmation of King Richard III’s Bones


I while ago, I posted that it was a possibility that a skeleton found where a parking lot was to be laid could be King Richard III’s. The skeleton also had severe scoliosis. I found this article which states that after some work from the previous article that I posted, they have confirmed it as much as possible. How interesting that King Richard III almost definitely had scoliosis!



focos blog pic christmas

This just made my day! FOCOS sent me a small envelope with a hand written note, their booklet on accomplishments for 2013-2014, and chocolate coins with their emblem engraved on them for the holidays. This really is a fabulous organization because they care and give for all of the right reasons, and they give chocolate (mostly because they give chocolate, haha jk!).

Out of the Woods?


So, I had my x-rays today, but I left Children’s Radiology Center without results, so in essence, I’m still waiting, even though the act itself is over. As anyone can tell you, getting x-rays are pretty stressful. You are constantly wondering, “Are my curves worse?”, “Are my curves better”, “Did nothing happen? Are they the same degrees as last time?”, “Are we finally out of the woods?”, “Is surgery out of sight yet?”, “Is the brace still working correctly?”, “Are we done with the brace?” It’s a repeating record in your head of questions that this x-ray will answer or bring up.

Hopefully, this x-ray will be positive. I’ve been out of the brace 5 hours a day and went entirely without a brace 48 hours before the x-ray. At this point, I’m done growing and I’m weaning off of the brace, so it’s a make or break point.

Different people handle the anxiousness in different ways — music, prayer, friends, books, etc.
For instance today, a friend sent me the kindest and most thoughtful message saying that she was praying for me and for Jesus to heal me. It was instantly calming. And as I wait for the results to come back, I can continue to pray, listen to Taylor Swift for the 50,000th time (by the way did anyone notice the title?), work through school work, etc.
And I encourage you to find your equivalents next time you have an x-ray.