Animals #5


Well, this is it. . . the very last post in the Animals with Scoliosis Series, which started in the beginning of February.

To close, we have an albino alligator who lives in Brazil. Instead of having wheels, a brace, or physical therapy, this little fellow has acupuncture sessions. It helps to alleviate his pain and keep the vital functions keep working. I have read of humans using acupuncture for their scoliosis, so it’s fascinating to see how that treatment method was carried over to animals like back braces and therapy were.

Albino Alligator

Animals #4


Anyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I adore my dog. While Spence and I were sitting on the couch together, I started to wonder if there were cases of scoliosis in dogs.

I shouldn’t have been surprised to see this prevalent spinal deformity in canines, too. This link is to a website, Eddie’s Wheels, with many success stories for their products. Nikki is the second patient listed, so you will need to scroll a small bit down the page to read her story.


Animals #3


I absolutely LOVE dolphins. They are my favorite marine animal and have been since I was little. As a result, I couldn’t help but include a dolphin in this list.

In this video, I was intrigued by the laser used to decrease inflammation and Astro’s pain. In conjunction with therapy, the laser allows him to live a relatively normal dolphin life. This reminds me of my Schroth therapy and the way it has eliminated my back pain and has allowed me to go throughout the day with little to no signs of scoliosis.


Animals #2


I found this article particularly interesting because I haven’t seen any animals with back braces before. Even more interesting is that the brace can be adjusted over time to continue correcting the whale’s curvature – much like a human back brace would do.

For example, when I have an x-ray, my orthotist, Gez Bowman, looks for any critiques he could make to my brace in response to corrections we made, lost, or didn’t achieve. Similarly, the team at SeaWorld can customize this whale’s brace to her progress.

Without any more delay, here’s part 2-

Pilot Whale



I absolutely love animals, and I have made a couple of posts before about animals with scoliosis in the past. Recently, however, I have been really interested in looking up more animal scoliosis cases, and I thought, “Why not make a series on the blog about this?”

There will be five parts to this series, in which, each post will be about a different animal with scoliosis. Here’s part 1 –

Loggerhead Sea Turtle